After a long time

I have started studying. Opened the Bible. Read Proverbs, 15. The usual feeling- that as if it was written for me- only this time- it was amplified.
I started on my work shortly after, and vhroom!! The starting trouble disappeared. 
Comprehension levels rose- it was a completely different feeling. Jesus helped me. 🙂
I just felt like as if I had got a significant greymatter-upgrade.
The road ahead doesn’t feel so alien anymore; nor the task so mountainous, True, the task  of completing an year’s worth of literature portions for a BA degree, in a week might be mountainous; but if you’ve got Help, nothing else matters. 
For He cares. 🙂



Here I am, sitting in front of my PC. Doing what? Doing nothing, No, doing something that won’t help me in my life one bit.
Social networks, random reads, music. 
One always visualizes the future, the bright, hypothetical tomorrow- as the point of time they’ll rein in themselves, their life. 
Every single day is a new start, I tell myself. 
The workload keeps mounting.
Sometimes it feels like I’m just a passenger in my body, not the driver. Things spiral out of control. You wish for control. The reins.
The path. 
A path to someplace, that utopia. 
The ideal life.
What’s my ideal life? Control. Control over myself. A path. The future.